Sunday, September 6, 2009


A historic fountain near me was struck by lightning, and now it is inoperable. Due to all of the budget cuts, the county does not have enough money to fix it. They are now accepting donations to fix this local landmark. I would like to aid in this effort, so I am having a contest!

Here are the details:

There are 3 different levels of prizes, depending on the amount of your donation.

A $1 donation will get you entered to win one of the following skeins of yarn:

Trekking XXL- colorway 155Trekking XXL 155
Tofutsies- choice of colors 788, 784, 741Tofutsies 788Tofutsies 784Tofutsies 741
Thalassa Seasilk Lace yarn- Luna colorwayThalassa Seasilk

A $2 donation will get you entered to win a skein of:
Wollmeise- Frosch (dark) colorwayWollmeise Frosch
Plus you will be entered to win a $1 level prize

For each $5 donation you will be entered to win:

A pair of socks knit just for you by me. You will be able to pick yarn from my stash as well as any pattern you want. Here are some examples of socks I've knit:
BayerischeMonkey and Hedera
Plus you will be entered to win a $1 prize and to win a $2 prize.

Go here, make a donation to the Lake Eola Park Fountain Restoration, then leave a comment with the donation level (or you may email it to kibblesnknitz at gmail dot com.) Make sure to leave the email address you used to make your donation so I can let you know if you win a prize!

Once you have made a donation you may earn extra entries by posting a link to this contest (or the link to donate to the OCYT Lake Eola Park Fountain Restoration) on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Ravelry, and your own blog. Leave a comment here on the blog for all of the extra entries. Each mention gets an entry!

Winners will be drawn on Wednesday September 30, 2009 by a random number generator.

Let's get this fountain flowing again!

eta: I've added some pictures of the prizes that can be enlarged by clicking on them. Also, you need to leave the email that you used to make the donation. I don't want to have to check every donation level, this is supposed to be a fun contest to help out a community, we're grown ups and we should be able to use the "honor system".


Allison said...

Hi, I donated $25 under the email alcohen @ (I spaced it out so I don't get spammed!). I think you're doing a wonderful thing for a good cause!

Mara said...

Thank you so much for your donation Allison!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I have donated $5 wish I could donate more.Hugs Darcy I used this email and my paypal

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I just posted the contest on my ravelry group.Hugs Darcy here:

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I just blogged about it here:
Hugs Darcy
I hope you reach your goal:)

Anonymous said...

I could only do $5, but I did a $5 paypal donation from my email account.
If you need to get a hold of me, I'm Nisha on Ravelry.
Email is nishamartin @ yahoo . com
I spaced it out to try to avoid fishing for email addys.
I hope they get enough to fix it, it's a gorgeous fountain. Living in the desert, I've got a particular soft spot for them. :)

scoobagirl said...

Confirmation number: 4BH23150D67208609
I donated $5 under the email address "jeri.mihm @" and I'm scoobagirl on ravelry. what a great fountain. I hope it gets fixed soon. Its beautiful.